Charlotte Morris Offers Message Of Heartbreak & Healing With New Video, “Love Ain’t Real”

Charlotte Morris offers a message of heartbreak and healing in her new video, “Love Ain’t Real,” which premiered today on Americana UK. Shot in Nashville, the impactful short film was directed by William Gawley and produced by Michelle Robertson for Charlotte Avenue Pictures. In the clip, Morris is featured, dressed simply in black and seated in front of a stark, black backdrop. Videographer Austin Boylen’s fine hand captured her beauty and vulnerability within the set’s harrowing darkness, mirroring her early trauma.

A floating screen periodically shows images inspired by Morris’ dreams for a childhood centered around one cohesive family unit. As Charlotte’s world fell apart due to her parents’ divorce, the resulting pain becomes evident in the ably acted conceptual portrayal. Driving it all, of course, is the song itself, which combines a soaring, seeking melody and intensely emotional lyrics. Charlotte’s nuanced soprano creates magic as she bares her soul, sharing the hardships endured to find that healing can happen, hope does exist – and that love might be real after all.

“Filming was tough at times,” Charlotte recalls. “We cast two girls to play me at 12 and at 17 and watching them act out my life was both painful and overwhelmingly cathartic. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit nervous about this release, as it leaves little to the imagination. Hopefully it will find its way to the people who need it and offer a form of closure, peace, and hope.”

“Love Ain’t Real” is from Charlotte’s 10-song album, WILD CHILD, released in September. The disc is available for purchase on all platforms now.

Reviewers are weighing in:

Larry LeBlanc, Celebrity Access“One of the best vocalists I’ve heard. Ever.”

John Apice, Americana Highways – “These are exceptional songs. Exceptional because Charlotte Morris is. She knows how to live within her art. She expresses it.”

Donald Teplyske, Fervor Coulee“Morris’ new album bridges the singer-songwriter and Country worlds – and does so strikingly. She approaches her songs with a brave and open heart, much as it would appear she has encountered life.” 

Greg Victor, ParcBench “One stunning album. And what a voice . . . destined to encounter the ‘repeat’ button again and again.”

David Allan, Country Music People Magazine –“Seriously good singer/songwriter who just oozes talent. The album’s pared down production provides the perfect showcase for Charlotte’s predominantly folksy Country style and her clear cool voice. A totally rewarding listen.”

Freddy Celis, Rootstime “. . . hauntingly beautiful songs sung with her flawless voice. This is a wonderfully beautiful album.”