Carolyn Hunter Walks Listeners Through The Full Scope Of Romance In “Hardest Part”

Folk-pop singer songwriter Carolyn Hunter dazzles listeners with her dreamy new single “Hardest Part,” out March 11th. “Hardest Part” is the artist’s crisp follow-up to her December 2021 album, Lovelight, which came together with the same dynamic team of collaborators. Julian Peterson (Producer, Wolf Den Records) and Micah Tawlks (drummer, mixer, additional production, Peptalk Studio) shine on this funky, synth-pop arrangement, and Brian Kesley (Bass, Maggie Rogers) completes the 4-piece with a steady, hypnotic bass line.

“Hardest Part” is a lush synth-pop track with whispers of folk that reminisces on the period of time in between the first kiss and the ending of a relationship. 

At its core, this track examines the less romanticized part of the journey people go through in a relationship; the part that isn’t defined by butterflies or a happy ever after, but everything in between. The sometimes mundane familiarity experienced in long-term relationships can ultimately be the thing that causes folks to go their separate ways. With Hunter later choosing to stay in her marriage, choosing the “Hardest Part” of romance, she says, “I’m so grateful and happy that I did. I have a new perspective on the time that my husband and I share together. I respect our history. I feel lucky to have a partner who was brave enough to let me figure out some of my deepest questions on my own. I’m also lucky to have someone who I love doing all the nothingness with.” The team has plans to collaborate with other artists to produce club remixes of a few of the tracks off of Lovelight in the coming months.

“Hardest Part” hooks listeners at the head of the track with blossoming synths and fluttering delay-kissed electric guitar. The pristine, intimate soundscapes that gleam with a captivating sparkle on “Hardest Part” come to life with the rich layers of emotion Hunter managed to capture through her songwriting and performance. The artist delivers a unique synth-pop sound with pockets of inspiration from icons like Maggie Rogers and HAIM.

“I couldn’t be happier with how these songs turned out, but the expression took its toll on me. I’ve been working with an amazing coach, Amy Harris. I’m learning how to separate fantasy from reality. I’m starting to finally land where I am in this world and be able to take in what is REAL. That doesn’t mean I don’t imagine and fantasize, as I do in these songs, but I am better able to not get lost in it. I like being in my life, really being in it. Spending time in nature helps.”

Listeners can stream “Hardest Part” on all major streaming platforms on March 11th.

More about Carolyn Hunter:

Carolyn has shared stages around the world with the likes of Lang Lang, Karla Bonoff, The Lil Smokies, The Good Lovelies, and many more. After graduating from UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Televisions, Carolyn taught herself guitar and began to pursue life as a folk singer.

On a small surf island in the southeast, Carolyn founded folk-rock band “The Fam Band,” known for their Joni Mitchell-meets-Allman Brothers grooves. After moving back West to Colorado, she co-founded indie-folk band ‘The Heartstring Hunters’ —known for its crowd pleasing three part harmonies and female review  — and was nominated by Denver Westword for “Best Folk Band.”

Finding solace in Colorado, Carolyn joined the Daniel Rodriguez Band (Elephant Revival) as a vocalist in year, performing across the country, over public radio, and on his latest record “Sojourn of a Burning Sun.” In the Front Range and beyond, Carolyn is often sought after as a collaborator, known for her fairy-like melodies, Joni Mitchell subtleties, and Tracy Chapman-esque tones.