Caroline Kreutzberger “Till I’ll Fly”

With “Till I’ll Fly”, the Austrian Caroline Kreutzberger presents her current single for the 2021 announced album “Transformation”. Currently 5 of the 14 tracks of her second successful album “Vita & Vibes” (Fullmax Recordings) are played regularly by German, Austrian and Italian radio stations.

In the new single the singer processes her experiences during the Covid-19-related lockdown and how the world felt for her: quiet, colorless and withdrawn. And yet it was also a very strengthening time for Caroline: “Although I always knew that I was born for the stage, I now know even more how much music defines me and how important it is to listen to your heart and not give up. Till I’ll fly’ strengthens me every time, because the song reminds me how hard it was and at the same time shows me how strengthened I can go on from this situation”.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Caroline Kreutzberger
Song Title: Till I’ll Fly
Publishing: Fullmax Publishing
Publishing Affiliation: GEMA
Album Title: Till I’ll Fly
Record Label: Fullmax Recordings

Record Label:
Fullmax Recordings
Daniel Pepl
Radio Promotion:
Fullmax Entertainment
Daniel Pepl
Fullmax Entertainment
Daniel Pepl