Carissa Biele Trades Pain for Purpose with Music on behalf of World Alzheimers Month

Comin’ In Hott Records: Here’s a heart happy story about NEW ARTIST CARISSA BIELE’S song “Strong Like The Whiskey.”

September is World Alzheimers Month. Rising country female artist and Dementia advocate, Carissa Biele, has crafted a very real video using her original song “Strong Like the Whiskey,” as the soundtrack that will tug your heartstrings. The very personal and emotional video kicks off her  “Dementia Daughter Diary,” YouTube series of homemade video blogs documenting moments with her mother battling Dementia.Watch the video.

Biele says, “I can’t easily express how difficult it is to watch someone you love and respect lose their memories, abilities, independence, dignity and live in a sense of total fear. Or how much anxiety results from wondering if the decisions you’re asked to make for another person are truly the right ones. This song helps.” Carissa is trying to “trade the pain for purpose.”

Carissa Biele is a genuine and multi-talented female entertainer with the classic sound from which Country music was built. Biele has managed to overcome many struggles. The single “Strong Like the Whiskey,” from her original album, “Karma,” spent weeks climbing the radio charts breaking Music Row Top 80. Her newest single release “Crazy ‘Bout You Baby,” is sure to make you want to dance as it showcases her high energy, throwback style and dance talent Watch the video!!