Canadian Actor/Musician Atticus Dean releases new instrumental album Plot Armor

Toronto-based actor Atticus Dean shows his musical side with his newly released album, entitled Plot Armor, comprised of original instrumental music that he calls “contemporary classical.” The album, which is out today, consists of eight intimate pieces that ruminate on themes of love, loss, grief and serenity. Stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Originally having aspirations to be a rock drummer, Atticus was redirected by his parents to take piano lessons at age 6. As a teen, he was given the chance to play drums and after getting his first drum kit, he started playing in a rock band in high school. After graduating, he felt himself pulled back to the keyboard and began composing his own music. By 2017, he decided to commit his compositions to recordings, and thus began his journey as a recording artist. After releasing two EPs, two albums and a single, Atticus’ music has evolved from the contemporary classical sphere into something a little more alternative.

Atticus composed and recorded all of the tracks on Plot Armor using an upright piano, gritty digital soundscapes, and haunting strings to create a trance-like effect. In his own words, “I’m constantly looking for new ways to expand my repertoire and challenge the listener a little bit. I feel like contemporary classical music is pretty liberating in its freedom of expression, and I’ll be damned if I ain’t gonna take full advantage and keep pushing the envelope.”

Check out the new album, Plot Armor, by actor/pianist Atticus Dean, now out everywhere.

More about Atticus Dean

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Atticus Dean (born Atticus Dean Mitchell) started learning the piano at the age of 6. During the pandemic when all filming ceased for two years, Atticus took the opportunity to dive into his music and started recording tracks in his Toronto apartment. What resulted was the seven tracks that he released as his album, The Pantomime, in 2021, and the eight tracks that now make up his new album, Plot Armor, just released this November.

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