Briana Dinsdale “Why Did I Fall for You”

Brisbane Country Singer-Songwriter on the Rise Briana Dinsdale Drops her 2nd Single “Why Did I Fall for You”

Briana Dinsdale’s new song is the sad and powerful “Why Did I Fall for You”, showcasing her angelic voice over acoustic guitar, with lyrics nearly anyone can relate to.

It’s easy to understand why Brisbane, Australia’s Briana Dinsdale is a singer-songwriter catching the attention of country music fans across the world. At just 17-years-old she combines a fresh energy with a voice and songwriting ability that is beyond her age. Building off the success of her first album “Beginnings”, Briana recently announced the release of its second single, the emotionally-charged “Why Did I Fall for You?” It’s quite clear the new song shows the young artist at her best and is sure to touch many hearts.

“Why Did I Fall for You?” is all about the hard times that come along with leaving someone or something that’s held dear, with the feeling of loss and longing that can be so hard to overcome.

“I wrote ‘Why Did I Fall for You?’ about my personal connection with the Tamworth Country Music Festival and how difficult it is to leave at the end and how having to wait a whole year to have that feeling again is so difficult,” commented the clearly passionate and honest young artist. “I know that anyone who has been there knows exactly what I’m talking about. It is so special.”

The new single is available across all of the major digital download platforms.

Expect more news from the enchanting Briana Dinsdale soon as she continues to pursue her dreams.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Briana Dinsdale
Song Title: Why Did I Fall For You
Publishing: Briana Dinsdale
Publishing Affiliation: APRA
Album Title: Beginnings
Record Label: Briana Dinsdale Band