Blueprint Tokyo Gives Listeners A Space For Reflection on “Say Anything”

Alt-rock duo Blueprint Tokyo released their newest single “Say Anything” on October 7th. Kevin Dawson and Andy Hale pull listeners in with their raspy vocals, electrifying riffs, and synth bass line that gives “Say Anything” its spooky and nostalgic twist. The duo invites listeners to explore their own perception on the ever-present fear of loss, rejection, and all things mental health. The lyrical integration of horror movie references and amusement park themes sets this single apart – and just in time for Halloween.

“We loved the juxtaposition of a catchy hook that was all sparkle, but that tells a darker story. It lets you listen multiple times and build your own story.” -Andy Hale

“Say Anything” is the first track from their upcoming EP Cinema Sounds that will be released in October. This single sets the scene for Blueprint Tokyo’s future projects that will continue to elevate as time goes on. The band continues to explore and push in new directions, always with a good story in mind.

About Blueprint Tokyo:

Oklahoma City-based Blueprint Tokyo is about new beginnings. Consisting of members Kevin Dawson and Andrew Hale, the duo revised their musical journey after health issues sidelined Dawson. Armed with new songs that have been called “intense, tender and driving with 80’s inspired indie rock dreaminess” the band has started making waves with catchy hooks, atmospheric sounds, and surprisingly hopeful lyrics. Their second EP ‘Cinema Sounds’ is coming October 2022.