Black Pontiac “School Girls”

Formed in 2018 by a group of young friends, and emerging from Vancouver’s underground music scene, Black Pontiac has been heating up the airways this year with a series of hit singles. Fresh off the success of their singles November State of Mind and Kate Rambo, the energetic and eclectic band is set to release their new track School Girls. The highly anticipated song delivers the youthful exuberance and unique sound that the charismatic, carefree foursome have become known for. School Girls, is the second single off of their debut EP, Pony Boy, and follows their hit November State of Mind, along with the chart topping standalone single Kate Rambo. Drawing influences from rock, pop, funk, hip-hop, and soul, the bands diverse musical taste has resulted in a stylistically adventurous discography with a sound that is very much their own.

The dynamic foursome: Matty Mclaren (lead vocals), Avery John Shoesmith (bassist) and brothers Mack (guitarist) and Sam Riddell (drummer), drew attention with their energetic live performances and were signed by top-tier independent label Appreciated Music (a division of Appreciated Media) in 2020.Young, talented and exceptionally ambitious, Black Pontiac is ready to take on the world. School Girls hits the airwaves and digital space this Fall.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Black Pontiac
Song Title: School Girls
Publishing: Black Pontiac Music
Publishing Affiliation: SOCAN
Album Title: Pony Boy
Record Label: Appreciated Music

Record Label:
Appreciated Music
Stephen Brown
Radio Promotion:
Loggins Promotion
Paul Loggins
Loggins Promotion
Paul Loggins