Black Pontiac “Kate Rambo”

Black Pontiac

“Kate Rambo”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Publishing: Black Pontiac Music
Publishing Affiliation: SOCAN
Album Title: Pony Boy
Record Label: Appreciated Music

Formed in Vancouver in 2018, Black Pontiac has just released their first EP PONYBOY, supporting their first charting single in both the USA and Canada NOVEMBER STATE OF MIND. The EP was co-produced and engineered by Darren Grahn, who has worked with artists Metallica, Motley Crue, Veruca Salt and Bon Jovi and worked as an engineer with famed producer Bob Rock.

The not-so-long unknown band recently signed with the Vancouver independent label Appreciated Music. They soon after found local popularity, and now with their first single out, they are accumulating many fans all over North America.

With NOVEMBER STATE OF MIND fast becoming a hit based on radio airplay, the band is now releasing their sophomore single: Kate Rambo. All the members of Black Pontiac collaborate on the songs. When asked about their music, they say theyre a rock, punk and funk band. If you asked for a band theyre inspired by, you would probably hear them say something along the lines of: Like the Red Hot Chili Pepperswith a modern, rap, funk, youthful twist. But they very much have their own sound.

Band Members
Matt Purkiss (lead)
Mack Riddell (guitar)
Avery John Shoesmith (bassist)
Sam Riddell (drummer)

Record Label:

Appreciated Music

Stephen Brown

Radio Promotion:

Loggins Promotion

Paul Loggins

Tel: 310-325-2800


Loggins Promotion

Paul Loggins

Tel: 310-325-2800