AZRA Inspires Listeners To Go “ALL OUT” On New Unapologetic Self-Love Anthem

Los Angeles based artist AZRA is slated to release her new single “ALL OUT” on March 3rd, 2023. The substance pop singer progresses from her recent punk rock version of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” and plunges into an era of limitless, authentic self-love. Having garnered the attention of esteemed media like PopWrapped, LA Weekly, Hollywood Life, and The Hype Magazine, the powerhouse songstress seeks to continue invigorating and empowering each of her Azradeities with this single, along with anyone who has ever felt like an outcast or misfit while trying to find their place in the world. “ALL OUT” is a one way ticket to AZRA’s safe-haven – the 6th Dimension – where any and everyone has the freedom to fearlessly and proudly embrace their truth. In moments of insecurity and self-doubt, “ALL OUT” is the song to blast at full volume to gain self assurance and the courage to confront anything in life holding you down. AZRA gives listeners permission with this track to liberate themselves and break the silence they’ve had between themselves and the world. This electrifying single embodies influence from pop icons like Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Lady Gaga, who are known for powerhouse vocals imbued with passion, meaning, and charisma.

“ALL OUT” is the first single introducing AZRA’s upcoming summer EP, setting the tone for this new era to be strong and stormy. Written in Joshua Tree, “ALL OUT” resides within her self-proclaimed sound, Substance Pop, that embodies elements of pop, rock, soul, punk, dance, and shines with purpose above all else. This substance pop track at its core is cathartic, energetic, unhinged, and implores listeners to look inside themselves and embrace what they find. Listening to “ALL OUT” feels like the wind in your face, things flying in slow motion, lighting the world on fire (symbolizing LIFE), and painting the whole town in color. This song is for the misfits, the rebels, and anyone that feels cast aside without a sense of belonging.

“ALL OUT” exists at the boiling point between self-doubt and finally embracing the parts of ourselves that we’ve been unfairly taught to be ashamed of. AZRA has gone through her whole life with an electric enthusiasm and intensity that hasn’t always been positively received or accepted; the single serves as a dialogue between AZRA and her younger self that reassures the value she has through all her recklessness. She’s processed these experiences and come to the conclusion that living with your heart on your sleeve will always be better than diluting yourself to meet society’s expectations of how we “should” be.

More about AZRA:

Pop-rock goddess AZRA is a South Korean-born, Bay area-raised, now multidisciplinary Los Angeles based independent artist making waves with more than just her music. As an accomplished author (The Cupcake Theory), motivational speaker, dancer, model, and musician, AZRA has effectively established herself as a formidable force in the entertainment industry with a promise that any artistic expression she shares with the world will have substance, depth, and purpose behind them to uplift others along their life’s journey. She shares her story through her signature Substance Pop sound – an entirely new genre of music that channels cathartic power pop, rock, dance, and metal influences with heavy 808 beats to electrify your entire body.

Keeping in line with the status quo has never been something of priority to the powerhouse songstress. Invigorated by an unshakeable boldness, empowering angst, and life-long affinity for performance, AZRA has learned the importance of never backing down regardless of what society deems acceptable. Channeling this philosophy into creating the 6th Dimension, a whole new world where you can live life to the fullest and be whoever you’ve always wanted to be, AZRA approaches every live performance with the goal of transporting her audience into the 6th Dimension along with her. Breaking through barriers of complacency and uniformity has allowed this powerhouse to embrace her crown, unapologetically, and inspire her fans to do the same. She immigrated to San Jose, CA with her family at 9 years old, and did whatever it took to overcome the hardships that came with having to rediscover oneself after a life-altering change. AZRA now seeks to empower others to fearlessly follow their dreams in spite of their hardships.

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