Austin-based singer/songwriter Danny Golden’s Indie Rock Album “Being There” Released

Austin-based singer/songwriter Danny Golden announced today his new indie rock album, titled “Being There,” that is set to release on Friday, May 5, 2023. Coinciding with the album announcement, Golden has simultaneously released two singles off the LP, “Orion” and “Do You Really Wanna Do It?” as well as an animated music video for “Orion.”

Danny Golden is a singer/songwriter based in Austin, Texas. Golden’s career has been one of reinvention and he believes the songwriter’s job is to investigate the depths of emotions and bring some meaning back to the surface through music. After completing his college thesis in 2015 – a collection of re-arranged and performed Bach compositions on bluegrass instruments – he set his sights on Austin to become a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and multigenre artist. Since then, he has toured nationally with his band and performed alongside artists such as David Ramirez and Matthew Logan Vasquez (of Delta Spirit), and has been featured in Billboard, Under The Radar, mxdwn and more.

The album, recorded with producer Jason Burt, also known as Electrophunck (producer for Leon Bridges, John Mayer, Paul Cauthen and more), was born out of spontaneity and no restrictions. That approach informs the record, which is tied together by compositional strength and stellar performances. Throughout the album, you’ll hear flavors of indie rock, Americana, a pure experimental and transcendental layering of sounds, a fusion of styles from past and present. The album also includes backing from friends: Nik Lee from Texas Gentlemen, Spice & Uncle Roy of Sir Woman, Amber Baker (drummer for Jon Batiste) and more.

“This album is unlike anything I have ever recorded or created before which is really exciting,” said Danny Golden. “It was created in a free-spirited way and I honestly believe that this album and its songs are as much the listeners as they are mine. I want to thank Jason Burt who created ‘Being There’ with me, starting at the most cellular level, and to the many other friends who made this the album it turned out to be.”

Regarding the first two singles, “Orion” serves as the entry point that transports you into Golden’s sonic universe and takes listeners into flight, while the sounds of “Do You Really Wanna Do It?” land back on solid ground of vintage rock and roll.

Being There” Tracklist

  1. “Orion”

  2. “Do You Really Wanna Do It?”

  3. “22 Tango”

  4. “4 Agreements”

  5. “Missing Pieces”

  6. “Tom and Becky”

  7. “Runnin’”

  8. “Insane”

  9. “Songbird”