Aspen Anonda Displays Her Vulnerability on “This One Is About You” EP

Independent pop-acoustic singer-songwriter Aspen Anonda announced her forthcoming EP This One Is About You, scheduled for release April 11th. This One Is About You is a six song EP, with each song relating to a specific person or situation in Aspen’s life, leaving her vulnerability to such people on full display. “This is the first project that really feels like mine. I had so much input and vision for what I wanted. These songs are all true stories which is why it’s called “This One Is About You” – each song is about someone specific.”

The honest tone of the EP allows Aspen to project the listener into her shoes, allowing them to relate with every situation, relationship, and life experience she conveys through her lyrics. Whether it’s running into an ex’s mom at the grocery store (“Closure”), or finding old journal scribblings of a guy you’d just met (“Gold”), you’re immersed in the imagery of Aspen’s storytelling throughout This One Is About You.


Aspen is an optimist in the most true sense of the word, always making the best of bad situations and finding lessons to share along the way. Many of the songs on This One Is About You can be interpreted various ways depending on the state of mind the listener is in, and each listener may have different takeaways from them. The point of art is not for people to have a set perception of it, but allowing them their creativity in deriving meaning; Aspen is an artist that holds true to these values. “I hope they hear themselves in the words I sing. I hope they hear these stories and relate to them in different ways. Interpret them to fit their situations.”

Aspen worked primarily with Tommy Trautwein, who produced, mixed, and mastered the entire EP from his home in Athens, GA. “Tommy came with a lot of artistic vision and found ways to make my ideas come to life. It was such a collaborative project.” Together, Aspen and Tommy were able to create a cohesive project with a warm and hopeful sound to match the lyrics. Aspen’s tender, honest voice and lyrics pair well with simple acoustic guitars, crisp drum beats, the occasional synth and/or sax, and a clean production that allows her songwriting to speak volumes.

About Aspen Anonda:

Aspen Anonda is no stranger to baring her soul in all that she does. Since her debut performance at the age of 9, her love for songwriting, travel, and personal connection led her to release a debut EP in 2017, “Inner Workings of my Soul.” She followed up this release with two singles “Stay a Little While” in 2018 and “Travel Therapy” in 2019.

2021 is an exciting year for Aspen as she begins to release singles from her much anticipated EP, “This One Is About You” coming out in April. Because of her love for astrology, each song will be released on the new moon of each month to embrace these significant moments of manifestation.

Aspen has had the opportunity to perform all over Georgia at venues such as 40 Watt Club, Eddies Attic, Smith’s Olde Bar, and the GA Theatre Rooftop. She was also featured at the 30A Songwriters Festival in Santa Rosa, Florida.