Andrew Reed & The Liberation “Twisted World”

This could be the soundtrack of the time…

First major-label distributed release with InGrooves/UMG andrew reed & the liberation. Twisted World, this bombastic indie rock song came out of the pain & suffering from coming home to the apartment, after Reed worked a double shift as a waiter, only to find his things tossed outside & the door locked. It is really about the everyday frustrations and anxiety of the modern world, which is the FEELING people are experiencing today as they face polarization, chaos and instability with everything from economics to our relationships with others. Recorded by saturating analog tape running 3x normal speed using vintage gear, perhaps a technique that has never been used before, and capturing the performance at the time of inspiration, is the key to the explosions that erupt from the speakers with this single as well as the forthcoming release of the album, As a Bird of the Air

“What are you willing to throw away your life on?” Dubbed a “rock mystic” by the Indie press and after multiple Billboard Indicator charting songs, recording/guitar creative Andrew Reed and the dynamic, super-musician jam band, “the liberation,” are challenging music conventions, defining a “new” type of art-rock by reintroducing true “album-oriented rock” concept albums that have singles, but are meant to be listened to clear through. And not just concept albums, but “Trilogy” albums that represent “significant and coherent” bodies of work with unifying sonic themes throughout each trilogy. The Spaceman Reed has musicality pouring out of himand he’s not quite grounded in this world. Most of the music is brought back from “in-between” states of consciousness. He is so far out, that he is known as “the Outlier” in the intellectual and health-science circles. Through a “vision” after a series of catastrophic personal losses, using synapse-altering sound technologies, Reed saw and built a 3 level, state-of-the-art, remote mountaintop recording compound, where he, the liberation, and other artists could reside and become completely absorbed in their projects. Reed’s deep and insightful consciousness work has put him in the company of some of the world’s leading scientists and researchers, whereby these proprietary synapse-altering technologies were developed to send artists “beyond themselves” perhaps to make Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Zappa and Beatles-type recordings. Reed is a deviant flirting with enlightenment, but one who integrates the deep world of inner experience with the common external plights of pragmatic living in modern society.

Regarding the Trilogiesand “album-oriented rock,” he and the liberation have taken this to bold new territory, recording the first Trilogy albums, 1) As a Bird of the Air to be followed by 2) As a Lily of the Field and 3) As Grass in the Furnace Live, the liberation is more like a “revival” than a typical rock event, where the audience is almost speaking in tongues, as they unleash exciting, unpredictable jams that push the limits of each musician. “Rock was never meant to be pretty…but desperate, risky and bombasticwhere it could go off the rails at any moment We have no interest in safe, over-rehearsed, phoned-in gigs It must be real…a gamble This is where liberation happens”

“Reed is one perhaps one of the most scandalous and even perhaps dangerous people on the planetas the ideas could prove so disruptive to corporations, traditional institutions and governments especiallyas he is taking people to a place where they can’t be controlled or manipulated”

Warren Wyatt, CEO WorldSound

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: andrew reed & the liberation
Song Title: Twisted World
Publishing: Artists International Publishing
Publishing Affiliation: SESAC
Album Title: As A Bird Of The Air…
Record Label: Artists International/WorldSound

Record Label:
Artists International/WorldSound
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