Abigail Ory Releases Debut EP, “Don’t Mind Me”

Singer/songwriter Abigail Ory released her debut EP “Don’t Mind Me”  — listen to the EP on Spotify HERE. A genre deviant, Ory set out to create her truest interpretation of what was going on inside of her head, and in doing so, made something unlike anything she’d ever heard before. Personally described as “weird pop”, Ory found inspiration from a number of artists for the five-track EP, including Marina and the Diamonds and Tash Sultana, and the Violent Femmes. Unlike many of her peers, Ory cites the differences between her songs as the center of her EP. The singer/songwriter collaborated on many tracks of the EP with mentor and esteemed songwriter, Donna Lewis (“I Love You Always Forever”), including lead single “Quiet Company.” The new single is inspired by Ory’s inner struggle to find identity; a struggle for her that ebbs and flows. While each song has its own distinct sound and topic, they all push confines and defy the classic pop sound.

Listen to “Don’t Mind Me” on Spotify: https://smarturl.it/aoqc

Watch the official video for “Waves”, the third track on the EP, on YouTube: https://youtu.be/sQ8LSrlkG6I 

On the inspiration behind “Don’t Mind Me”, Ory shared “To me, this EP represents a series of ideas that I’ve been mulling over for as long as I can remember. When I was unsure of what I wanted to express and how I wanted to express it, I kept coming back to the general absurdity of life. I’ve always considered myself to be both a strange and social person, and one of my favorite things about music is the ability to use melody and poetry to offset more serious tones. I hope people can relate to my songs for their emotion, their humor, and perhaps, their absurdity.”


  1. Waves
  2. Quiet Company
  3. Doomsday
  4. Tooth Song
  5. All I Want for Christmas is Emotional Stability

About Abigail Ory:

Abigail Ory is a Boston-based singer-songwriter making music her way. Weaving the eeriness of her small-town New England upbringing with her present-day perceptions, Ory’s music is familiar and innovative, binding the past with the present. Growing up, Ory was first exposed to music by her mother, a choreographer and amateur folk musician but it wasn’t until she heard “Appetite For Destruction” by Guns N Roses that she felt grabbed by music in a way she had never experienced before. After forming a childhood cabaret punk band at just 13 years old, Ory found her niche in songwriting. Self-described as “weird-pop”, Ory has curated a unique sound all of her own. “When I’m making music, I try to be as truthful with the material as I can be, and while my music still has a pop structure, it continues to feel and sound like nothing I’ve heard before”, she explains. Ory largely draws influence from a number of areas including the honest and open lyricism of Marina and The Diamonds to the sharp musicality of the Violent Femmes. Abigail Ory’s debut EP “Don’t Mind Me” is out now.

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